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We hold multiple advance training clinics throughout the year to help players advance their stick skills, footwork and agility and tactical understanding of the game.  

Draw Clinic

Our Draw Clinic is dedicated to enhancing your stick skills through wrist strength, mastering ball tracking, and dominating the draw circle.


You'll receive comprehensive instruction on the draw, covering ball retrieval, effective defensive tactics, and enhancing wrist strength to optimize control. Additionally, you'll refine your ball tracking ability and develop the techniques needed to dig the ball out of an opponent's stick.


Our focus goes beyond the basics, delving into advanced draw strategies to sharpen your existing skills and gain a competitive advantage. The clinic offers a platform to fine-tune your technique by adeptly analyzing opponents, adapting to their tendencies, and ultimately elevating your on-field performance.


Join us for hands-on coaching, engaging drills, and practical scenarios. Our clinic fosters a friendly and supportive environment for learning and skill improvement. Seize this opportunity to enhance your lacrosse expertise and leave a lasting impact on the field!

September 8th

Times: 6:30 PM -8:30 PM

Grad Years: 2030-2024

Cost: $60



Defense Clinic

Our Defense Clinic places a strong emphasis on developing essential defensive skills that will empower you on the field. We'll delve into the nuances of maintaining a robust stance – positioning your hips and body effectively for optimal defensive performance. Refining your footwork will be a key focus, enabling you to swiftly change directions with finesse. Throughout the sessions, you'll learn the art of mastering the ability to cause turnovers, and gain the expertise to strategically control your opponent's direction of movement.  Moreover, our clinic will teach you how to expertly dictate attacking movement, seizing control of the game's tempo from a defensive standpoint. Understanding how to make legal contact within the boundaries of the game is another vital component we'll cover.  ​ Our Defense Clinic is dedicated to honing your defensive prowess and taking your skills to new heights. Join us and unlock your potential on the lacrosse field!

September 15th

Times: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Grad Years: 2030-2024

Cost: $60

location: chuparosa Park


Goalie, Shooter& defense clinic

Coming December 15th

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